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Batteries can come in all shapes and sizes, the advantage of owning American Electric bikes/scooter products is that our batteries are custom made to fit perfectly and conveniently. All our batteries can be charged while in the bikes or scooter or can be removed at the owner’s convenience.

When it comes to our electric bicycles we only settle for the best option available in the world of batteries. A powerful and long lasting 36V lithium-ion battery will keep you going for up to 40 miles of range.

Our electric scooters come with two great and reliable 48V battery options to satisfy any customer and their requirements.

Lithium-Ion (Li) Battery - Our recently upgraded and improved lithium-ion batteries are top quality in their class. It can go for roughly 40 miles of range and are very lightweight, adding to customer convenience (especially if constantly removing the battery for charging). Reach higher top speeds with this battery and feel your scooter accelerate with more force and greater consistency over long drives.

SLA (Lead-Acid) Battery - This type of battery is the most affordable in our line up. It can provide upwards of 20 miles of range and are picked to be as lightweight as possible. This type of battery is perfect for short commutes and trips around your locale.

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