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Here at Signal Skate Shop/Electric Premier ebikes & More you will always be treated like family because the level of customer service we provide is above and beyond what anyone would ever expect. Because really we doing what we love and have passion for Electric Mountain Bike riding fast down the mountain. Or launching in the air out of a half pipe on the skateboard. Every Since I was young believe it or not I wanted to own a skate surf shop. True story. Back in the early 90’s solvang had not one but two Surf /skate shop.  
A surf shack called Breakers and the owner Jay he was a crazy good surfer if the swell was up he throw  us kids the key to the shop while he went surfing all day pay us with boards and tees  Most importantly a huge Shout out To Holy the vision and the blood, sweat and tears and hard work to get the skate park we have today I was there when it all began my dad and help build the first skate park solvang had in a parking lot next to berkholms bakery. Wood boxes to grid all different sizes grinding and table top 360 over 720 over 5 stair lower campus. Different colors of ramps for the different ages so no one got hurt.

Launch ramps catching major air 540’s720’s on rollerblades TRS I bought at Bellagio before it was back door board shop. Every Since I was your i was on wheels from bikes to rollerblades grinding, finding all Solvangs  skate spots and we were the reason the City Out Lawed Skateboards and rollerblades in down town. I was part of all the support and community that built the skate park

So to say Signal Skate Shop is not a true Skater Owned skate shop is correct. Because Signal Skate Shop isn’t just a skate shop it’s bigger and better electric Bike dealer full sales and service depart me tand we have something for everyone to enjoy.. Our roots our deep and our family love everything in this area.

How the city of solvang got together with Back Door Board put together and laid the ground work for the entire generations for families that enjoy skateboards and bikes together and this lifestyle is amazing to be able to give back is living the dream.

I gave up a corporate career of 17 of Major Retail I have years of customer satisfaction to add and bring these kids and families great top quality product every one can afford at the lowest price we pass all of our savings on to you the Customer. And our Local tax dollars stay local to solvang when you shop local.

Quick fact check 

Solvang is a unique small town in a scenic rural setting. My family and I are not only long time Solvang residence +70 years in the city of Solvang. We are blessed to but part of such a amazing place to live and raise a family and the pride and Heritage and tradition the City and the residence have of Solvang is one on its own. 
For over 60 years our family has not only owned but operated multiply stores through the city of solvang. I Myself have now become the forth Generation solvang native local business owner. Keeping tradition alive and well. In the City of Solvang.

Just to just to have the ability to raise my family in the same community I was raised in has been such a blessing and all we can do is give back to the community with something great that we felt was missing.When we open our location in January 2021.

  A feeling of great things to come and do what I love and have passion for working everyday with something a love and have amazing feeling about.
Also helps mentor and give the younger generations to come our great community and in Santa Ynez Valley we so much more 

We are a thriving tourist destination known for our quality of life, natural beauty, Danish heritage and architecture, cultural resources, and hospitality. We are a friendly, safe, inclusive, resilient, and healthy place with a strong sense of community, supporting lifelong learning, where people of all ages, economic levels, and cultures live, work, play, and visit.

Guiding Principles

GPAC Recommended Guiding Principles

▪ Heritage and Identity

We welcome visitors while maintaining our small-town character and honoring our multi-cultural heritage. Although originally established as a Danish community, we honor the positive traditions and values modeled by thosewho preceded our founders and their successors.

▪ The Village

The Village is a small charming, safe, and walkable environment modeled on an Old World Danish village that attracts visitors while supporting the social interaction, community events, and commerce of residents.

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