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ACE Trucks MFG

Ace Trucks MFG

Ace Trucks are a relativel

Ace Trucks are a relatively new skateboard truck brand offering a new design aimed to improve all aspects of the standard truck design - turn, grind, feel and performance. Ace Trucks largely come in two heights, Ace Classic and Ace Lo.

Ace Trucks come in a range of widths to suit all styles of skateboards, with the Ace Classic 33 and Ace 44 being the most popular. Finding the correct width of Ace Truck for the board is super easy - the Ace 33 model covers boards in the size range of 7.75" - 8.1". The Ace 44 covers boards 8.1" to 8.5". Ace Trucks also have other truck sizes that cover everything from small boards around tje 6.5" size through to very wide boards around 10". Ace Trucks also produce clothing and a range of skateboard bushings, and pivot cup bushings.

Ace refers to their team as Ace Pilots and they have a heavy young crew of skateboarders covering many styles of skateboarding. Oskar Rozenberg, Kevin Rodrigues, Dane Brady, Tom Remillard, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Brian Delatorre, Eli Reed and Brad McClain are some of the Ace Trucks team.

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