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What is the CYC MOTOR (BAC) app?

The CYC MOTOR (BAC) app is the X1 PRO and the X1 Stealth's navigation system. This is where you will customize your experience & monitor your ebike performance.


The app is connected to your controller via Bluetooth & will allow you to set up your mid drive system & change parameters according to your preference.

What can I do with the app?

The CYC MOTOR (BAC) app allows you to do multiple things:

  1. Set up your desired power output's for 2 different modes

  2. Customize your parameters for pedal assist, throttle performance, & gear preferences

  3. Configure your torque sensor

  4. Monitor your performance

  5. Set up your e-bike battery & peripherals 

  6. See warnings & clear errors

Do I need the app?

Yes. If you have a BAC855 or BAC2000 controller for your X1 PRO or X1 Stealth, then this app is needed to set up a few things to get started such as your regions legal limits, your battery voltage, & wheel diameter. You will also need the app to clear any warnings or errors that may occur. 

Download the CYC Motor (BAC) app user manual to set up everything you'll need for your first ride out on your CYC mid drive motor.

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