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CYC Sports Features

high ground clearance & 

flexible mounting position

Torque sensor and throttle equipped

X1 PRO comes with both torque sensor and throttle.


Torque sensor is used in pedal assist mode. The torque sensor measures how hard and how fast you pedal, and calculate how much power the motor should output correspondingly. You can read your own power via mobile app to monitor your exercise rate. You can also customize the proportion of the motor power output in case you want to change the ratio of assist.

There are 3 throttle options: thumb, half-twist, and full throttle.

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light weight and unlimited power

The maximum power of X1 PRO is measured at 5kW at 72V, and the motor system is highly efficient. The efficiency gives a much longer range and thus you can carry a much smaller batteries.

At 5kW and throttle mode you will be able to ride your e-bike like a strong electric dirt bike. The small form factor still enables extreme power and torque output. If you use a strong downhill frame for X1 PRO, it will be a very capable offroad machine.

Most importantly, the e-bike after conversion still looks like a typical e-MTB w

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