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Skateboard Logos


The best skateboard logos and brands have defined a lot of what skateboarding is today. This is a list of the big brands and logos. I didn't ask permission to use these but hey, free advertising.

Some brands are big but don't give much to skateboarding. Others are the definition of skateboarding. Looking at all these brands and their influence on skateboarding and on me has been a good time. The stories of starting and running these companies are of warriors and entrepreneurs. These brands not only survived as businesses, they defined a culture of skaters. They created videos to inspire us and media to entertain.

They supported the professionals. These pros in turn showed us what was possible with a skateboard.

They made quality skateboards and products for us skaters to ride/

It has been humbling to look at these heroes who have made skateboarding. Collectively they have done such a good job defining a rad thing like skateboarding. To the brand I mention here and the ones I didn't quite get too. Thank you for making skateboarding.

I am putting info on each company when I can. See below.

skateboard logos
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