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Speedlab Wheels

Speedlab Wheels

About Speedlab Wheels

For over a decade, Speedlab Wheels has been designing out-of-this-world skate wheels for riders at each skill level. Founded by David Rogerson, the company’s mission is to supply high performing wheels that drive a loyal Speedlab Wheels fan base. They may not have invented the skate wheel, but Speedlab’s selection is hard to beat! Produced from tried and true formulas, Speedlab skateboard wheels are designed in several styles to withstand a variety of environments. Their most traditional wheel, the Lightning, will accelerate your ride in a way no other wheel can. Looking to improve your sliding? Speedlab’s Blue Collar Hammers wheels provide easy roll-up on curbs and steady control. Their Cruisers are a softer wheel model offering great speed and grip over the toughest terrains. If you enjoy cruising to your favorite spots like the beach or grocery store, this is the wheel for you! In addition to skate wheels, Speedlab also designs skateboard grip tape and apparel. Featuring hand stenciled artwork, their grip tape is available in single sheets with easy peel backings. Speedlab Wheels apparel includes tops, outerwear, and hats. What better way to show your loyalty than by sporting a Speedlab skateboard t-shirt? Their tees are available in black and white, with neon artwork. For those cooler nights, check out their selection of Speedlab hoodies and jackets. Keep your head protected during those long riding sessions in the sun with a Speedlab skateboard hat. They also have a number of beanies to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for a new set of skateboard wheels or skate brand tees, Speedlab has the items you need to stand out!

From professionals to amateurs, Speedlab skate wheels have become a favorite in the industry. Choose Speedlab and feel the difference in the way you ride.

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